Something This Hot Has Never Been This Cool.

Give Your Dryer a Wake-Up Call. You Hit Snooze. Aside from being covered by the industry’s only ROQ Solid Warranty, automatically program when your ROQ SAHARA Dryer starts and stops. Reclaim lost time and cure like a #ROQStar.

Steady Heat Contained.

With an easy-access side panel, maintaining the ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryer is simple. Its advanced operation runs quietly and dependably and contained to minimize thermal impact in your production area(s).

Enhanced Technology

The ROQ SAHARA can be fully customized to meet your unique needs and preferred workflow. This will turn your business’s curing section into your very own on-demand small desert. It is capable of achieving dependable high temperatures with higher safety and efficiency than ever before. While boasting Independent Conveyor Split-Belt Control & Enhanced Air Flow. The option of 2 conveyors with varying speeds and directions gives you more freedom than ever before.

Its beloved trademark features remain the same as its storied predecessor, the ROQ TUNNEL, but with added benefits.

It’s still a very versatile platform that is able to adapt to any print shop no matter the type of power available. It can be run with either gas, electricity, or both by switching between them at the simple press of a button.

Independent Conveyor Split-Belt Control & Enhanced Air Flow.

Your new ROQ SAHARA conveyor dryer comes with improved energy efficiency through its reinforced insulation and stand-by mode, an increased chamber entry height of 140 mm (5,5’), advanced noise reduction, and an updated user-friendly software. With a streamlined recipe-saving system to adapt to different types of job curing parameters to tighten your automated suite with your auto.

3 Year ROQ Solid Coverage Available.