Advantages of the Chromatex CT System:

1.) Consistent matches  When a customer re-orders a job, you can mix the exact colour each time because you have a written formula using a constant set of quality controlled inks.

2.) ISO9001 Quality Control  Our plant and manufacturing processes have been ISO9001 certified for over 10 years. This assures exact repeatability with every gallon.

3.) Milled Inks  This one feature sets us apart from most of our competitors. This expensive step ensures all of the pigments, fillers and resins are of a very fine particle size and homogeneously blended. You can print through the finest meshes without mesh blocking. As the ink is milled through the 3 roll mill, all of the air that was incorporated during high speed dispersing, is squeezed out. Less air = more ink in the gallon. A gallon of milled ink will print about 8 % more shirts than the same gallon unmilled.

4.) Ink room economics  Make only what you need. Because you have a precision formula, if you fall short on ink near the end of the run, in a few minutes you can reproduce the ink exactly to finish the job. There will be a lot less dirty ink containers on your shelf with seldom used pantone numbers. And only 14 colours to stock.

5.) Labour economics   Get your machines making money quicker. Your operators will spend more time spinning the machines because they spend less time colour matching inks.

6.)  Quality materials  We mill all of our own pigments with media mills, immersion   mills and 3 roll mills. This saves money over purchasing predispersed pigments. The money we save is put into higher quality resins. We use only premium resins which cost about 20% more than other available resins. My experience shows this to be a premium well worth paying. The batch to batch consistency and high quality is unmatched by other resin suppliers.

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