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This Refurbished unit comes with two Red Chili “D” Flash units, set of pallets, squeegees, and flood bars.

New Equipment Description:
Sportsman EXG is the successor to M&R’s wildly popular Gauntlet II. But while it’s built on the same foundation as Gauntlet II, Sportsman EXG has more standard features, greater maximum image area, and the ability to handle larger screen frames. It’s an exceptionally fast press with a large 51 x 51 cm (20” x 20) maximum image area, compact footprint, and aggressive pricing. Sportsman EXG is available in 12 and 14-color models, and offers a wide array of standard features, starting with a servo-driven indexer that combines higher press speeds with exceptional smoothness, consistency, and longevity; variable-speed electric printheads for smooth print strokes and exceptional control; central off-contact for fast, incremental single-lever adjustment of all stations simultaneously; and a color touch-screen control panel with graphical display that provides onboard self-diagnostics, real-time production data, and user-friendly control over most press functions. Sportsman EXG’s capacity for screen frame sizes up to 66 x 91 (26” x 36”) gives printers the ability to utilize their stock screen inventories.

Sportsman EXG also offers digital squeegee/floodbar speed display, independent print-start/print-finish, multiple print-stroke capability and a tool-free pallet locator system. Adjustable rear screen holders, quick-release pallet locks, pneumatic screen clamps, and pneumatic squeegee/floodbar locks simplify setup and teardown. Independent print, reset, and print/flood speed controls on each printhead; independent squeegee & floodbar speed adjustments; independently-set angle and calibrated squeegee and floodbar pressure adjustments; and a squeegee air regulator with a pressure gauge on each printhead deliver the speed and print quality that professionals demand. M&R’s exclusive patented Revolver Print Program™ automatically operates individual printheads in programmed sequence and allows multiple flashing without losing a printing position, giving printers a level of flexibility unavailable on other presses. Sportsman EXG features enhanced front micro-registration adjustments with visual guides and locking rear micro-registration to simplify setup. The combination of Sportsman EXG’s sophisticated registration features and M&R’s Tri-Loc® or Double Tri-Loc® Rapid Registration Systems can reduce setup time by up to 95 percent.

Sportsman EXG is so fully equipped with standard features that there are only two options: M&R’s Foot Pedal Control and M&R’s patented Optical No-Shirt Detector. The Skip-Shirt Foot Pedal feature allows operators to prevent the press from printing on empty pallets. The Optical No-Shirt Detector handles the task automatically. With its large print size, exceptional speed, and long list of standard features, the affordable Sportsman EXG is the ideal addition to any size shop. If you’re looking for the sweet spot where press size, image area, print speed—and price—converge, you’ll find it in M&R’s Sportsman EXG.