The RhinoClean™ Dip Tank / Emulsion Removal Systems are designed for fast, safe and efficient removal of screen printing stencils. The RhinoClean™ System, used in conjunction with RhinoClean Emulsion Remover and/or AP1000 (all in one) Ink Degradent Emulsion Remover, will effectively remove all types of emulsion from the screen frame. It’s easy; once the emulsion is soft simply remove with high pressure washer.

Features of the Dip Tank:

  • Poly Ethylene Construction
  • Chemical Resistant Construction
  • Multi Screen Units
  • Top Loading Design
  • Hold Down Lid


Using a RhinoClean™ Dip Tank / Emulsion Removal System helps reduce chemical use by cutting down on the amount needed; it saves time and effort. The system helps meet compliance by minimizing the volume of chemicals going down the drain. And, you will lessen the carbon foot print on our environment.

Benefits of the RHINOCLEAN™ System: Frees up employee time to spend on other tasks instead of screen cleaning; extends the life of the ink degradent/emulsion remover and reduces employee exposure to chemcals.