Magna/Cure® UDC-HV

Chromaline Magna UDC-HV dual cure emulsions are designed for a  wide range of imaging applications. UDC-HV provides these additional benefits:

• Fast exposure with excellent image quality
• Hard, durable stencils, resistant to the widest range of inks and additives
• Superior mesh adhesion
• Lightning fast washout and easy reclaim
• High viscosity allows coating on low or high mesh counts

Magna/Cure® UDC-HV direct emulsion allows screen makers to obtain remarkable image quality and exceptionally durable stencils. In addition, UDC-HV’s high viscosity allows for excellent coating on low or high mesh counts.

For use with solvent, UV and plastisol based inks.

Exposure: Fast (see reverse)
Solids: 35% (unsensitized)
Viscosity: 5300 CPS (unsensitized)
Standard Sizes: Gallon, 4 Gal.

Sensitized UDC-HV emulsion has a shelf life of 4 to 6 weeks at room temperature (60 to 80°F) or longer when refrigerated.
To maximize sensitized shelf life use only distilled water to dissolve diazo sensitizer.
Protect from freezing. UDC-HV is not freeze/ thaw stable.
Freezing during shipping may result in clear gel spots which may resemble pinholes.
Coated, unexposed screens can be stored as long as one month in a clean, cool, dry and completely dark area.
Expiration date. Always check the expiration date on sensitizer bottle to assure freshness.