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Pre-Runner is M&R’s semi-automatic sampling/production presses. It’s available in standard and oversize (OS) versions with respective maximum image areas of 66 x 71 cm (26” x 28”) and 112 x 97 cm (44” x 38”). Both sizes come in single-pallet and optional triple-pallet configurations. When combined with M&R’s Tri-Loc® Rapid Registration System, the triple-pallet index system turns Pre-Runner into the perfect sampling press. A Tri-Loc pallet is mounted in the center station to provide for screen registration. Conventional pallets are mounted in the other two stations for test printing and/or production runs. Because of its automatic-press-style printhead, Pre-Runner enables operators to refine and document automatic-press print parameters in a way that’s simply not possible on a manual press.

Not only does Pre-Runner reduce the need to take production presses offline for sampling, it requires less space than the average manual press. Pre-Runner’s controls enable operators to run the press under numerous print scenarios, and there is no limit to the number of colors that can be quickly registered and test-printed. Pre-Runner can also be used to print shirt pockets, cut piece goods, full-size single-color prints, and other textile substrates.

Designed for precise registration, Pre-Runner’s head-lift system was derived from the components and design elements of M&R’s Saturn Platinum graphic press. Pre-Runner also features an AC variable frequency electric-drive printhead, adjustable front and rear stroke length, squeegee air pressure regulator, front & rear micro-registration, and pneumatic squeegee/floodbar and frame clamps.