M&R Style Zipper Hoodie Easement Pallet Type-B

The Improved Zipper Hoodie Easement Pallet was developed to improve the quality of printing over zipper and hem assemblies. new designs include a load side geometry that perfectly matches the hood and shoulder seam. This improved geometry allows you to very accurately load your zippered hoodie garment and affords the ability to print all the way up to the should seam and the Hoodie/ neck seam.

The solid aluminum and rubber pallet has a slot machined down its center to allow the zipper to drop down to the perfect position for printing.

What”s the challenge? The challenge with printing zipper hoodies is the zipper because the zipper will interfere with the print. What”s needed is for the zipper to drop into a slot allowing it to rest at the same height as the print surface. We have carefully measured many samples of the hoodies and optimized our slot geometry.

If you’re trying to accomplish an absolutely flawless over the zipper print, then this design is a must. The ZH Pallet has a two-tier slot down the middle. Purpose: To accomplish a continuous print across the zipper and hem assembly of a finished hooded sweatjacket.. aka zipper hoodies.Pallet Size: 4 sizes available, 16 x 22 is the most popular size.

• Print Cleanly over zippers.
• Fits all zipper hem assemblies.
• Made of Solid Aluminum & Soft Top Rubber.
• One tier is easement for the zipper hem, and then a deeper easement for the zipper.