M&R Style Tote Bag Pocket Pallet 

* Pallet shown with Manual Bracket Adapters.*

 The Tote Bag Pocket pallet is used for reaching inside tight spaces such as a pocket on the side of a tote bag.

Special machining the pallet bracket allows extra clearance in these small and tight spaces. The pallet maximizes the available space inside of the pocket by eliminating the bracket on the under side of the pallet.

• Shown here with 6″ x 6″ pallet. Any Pallet size can be done this way.
• Purpose: to print on small surfaces with very tight areas for a pallet to insert.
• Pallet Size: Unlimited – most commonly 4in x 6in
• Can also be used for Above the pocket Printing
• Made of Solid Aluminum & Soft Top Rubber