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M&R Style Single Pocket Pallet 04in x 22in (10.16cm x 55.88cm)

The purpose of this pallet is to allow you to easily load & accurately print on all sizes of pockets. The pallet can also be used to print size compatible long and short sleeves. 

Pocket Pallets have a machined front edge which matches the geometry of standard pockets allowing you to load directly and quickly.  

• Can be used for On the Pocket printing – and both long and short sleeve
• Purpose: For printing on pockets of shirts.
• Pallet Size: 4 x 22 – with front machined area of 3 -1/2″ x 5″
• Also for printing on long sleeves and short sleeves.
• With  Soft Top Rubber
* Shown with 4″ squeegee and 4″ Winged Flood Bar