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M&R Style Jacket Hold Downs

Because the jackets are 2-ply, the standard method of spray glue will not work to hold the material properly. The JHD provides the necessary hold down to keep the 2 ply material in position during multi-color printing.

The operator pulls the red handled clamp towards them to allow the head frame to lift. Spring assisted head action provides lift assistance and the operator makes only a very slight effort to lift the head frame. The head frame remains up by the springs.

The operator unloads the printed Jacket and places it on the dryer belt. The operator loads aJacket onto the pallet and then lowers the head frame requiring only a slight effort. When the frame is down, the red clamp handle is pushed forward and the head frame andJacket are locked securely in place.

The Head Frame and Spring Hinge Wings are Laser Cut and windowed for performance and weight reduction. Because there ‘s a rubber surface on the pallet, the bottom layer is kept in place by friction, making the top surface even more stable for tight registration jobs.

• Purpose: To print on 2-ply jackets and similar that can’t be held in place using pallet adhesive.
• Pallet Size: Youth:11.5in x 14in (29.21cm x 35.56cm)  Adult: 16in x 16in (40.64cm x 40.64cm)
• Spring assisted head action
• Known as the worlds best Jacket Hold Down
• Made of Solid Aluminum & Soft Top Rubber