Our Two Piece – EZ Clean Squeegee. Precise, easy to change the rubber, and very cleanup friendly. NO nut & bolt protrusions that snag your rag during wiping. No openings or gaps between the profiles for ink to get trapped.

Our Squeegees ship with 70 Duro Squeegee Rubber installed for you – The rubber is slightly over cut and installed with a keen eye for straightness. The assembled squeegee is then taken to one our trusty power saws where it’s very slightly shaved. A bit more edge sanding and cleanup and it’s the finest squeegee you can get.

Improved Double Stroke Squeegees eliminate the need for having to stroke your screen twice and give you more penetration through the screen and substrate. They increase productivity dramatically on those jobs which presently require that you double stroke your image.

• With Water Based Inks and discharge inks the objective is to effect maximum penetration without bleeding through the garment.
• Our Double Stroke Squeegees comes with 70Duro in the front blade & 70/90/70 Duro Rubber installed in the back blade
• The effect of using the second squeegee blade behind the first results in an increase of penetration into the fabric.
• Especially useful for pushing plastisol through small mesh openings
• Most commonly 16″ ( 40cm ) but other sizes are available.