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M&R Style Double Sleeve Pallet 16in x 28in (40.64cm x 71.12cm)

The purpose for the Double Sleeve Pallet is to print small sizes of long sleeves. It is only advisable for small shirts. Larger shirts are produced more efficiently using a single sleeve pallet.

When trying to print the long sleeves of small shirt sizes, you will find that it can not be done without over stretching. This is because your machines pallet hold-down assembly is much wider than the sleeve. The sleeve will be deformed by trying to stretch it over the pallet. For this challenge, we developed the Double Sleeve Pallet.

During the many years that we have been manufacturing DSP’s, we have refined the design numerous times. This approach to the challenge of stabilizing the print surface is the only way to ensure true rigidity. There is no setup time after the first use.

How to Load – pull the new and improved handle outward, and the stabilizing bar pivots out of the way and allows the two shirts to be unloaded. Next, load two un-printed shirts onto the pallet by loading through the neck, with the cuff hanging off of the pallet. Lastly, pushes the handle forward and the stabilizing bar pivots up and locks into position. It”s now ready to index.

• Purpose: to print on small sizes of long sleeve shirts that won”t fit over your machines arm
• Pallet Size: 16 x 28 with 4″ sleeves. Others available.
• Today’s Double Sleeve Pallet is unique because it uses a front pivoting Destaco
• Clamp assembly to maintain the rigidity of the printing arms
• DSP”s from Action Engineering have not setup time and provide the most production friendly and print friendly pallet surface available.
• Made of Solid Aluminum & Soft Top Rubber