SaatiChem FINISH W1  blockouts/screen fillers offer both high performance and user friendliness. FINISH blockouts contain no solvents and provide increased filling power. All have pleasant-smelling formulations and spread smooth and uniformly for optimum drying and filling. Use to cover open mesh areas and pinholes.

General Charactertic:
•Unique reclaimable, water-based liquid blockout
•Resistant to water-based, plastisol and solvent-based ink
•Offers superior water resistance simply upon drying
•Very high solids content offers increased durability
•Spreads smoothly and uniformly for optimum drying and filling
•Does not contain solvents

On the substrate side of the screen, spread Finish W1 evenly over desired area of mesh and stencil with a straight edge. A card or a plastic spreader is typically used. Finish W1 can be thinned with water for retouching pinholes with a brush. Cure for 3 hours at room temperature or for 30 minutes at 104° to 122°F (40° to 50°C). Water resistance can be further