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Most owners of manual-press operations are constantly looking for ways to justify upgrading to an automatic press because of the tremendous benefits automation offers. Entry-level automatics can dramatically increase output, giving shops the ability to take on large and last-minute jobs. They also minimize labor costs and they largely eliminate the tedium and hard physical effort involved in hand-pulling squeegees. In shops where the owner does much of the printing, an automatic’s high-speed production can free up time to work with existing clients—and seek out new ones.

Unfortunately, those benefits often lost out to the cost factor—until now. By relying on simplicity of design, strong standard-feature sets, highly-efficient manufacturing processes, and volume production, M&R’s Diamondback S has broken the price barrier between you and your first automatic. The Diamondback S features a fast, reliable servo index drive system, and is available in 6 and 8-color models. It has a maximum image area of 41 x 46 cm (16” x 18”) and a maximum pallet size of 46 x 56 cm (18” x 22”). Diamondback S can be ordered with an additional printhead over the unload station, turning the 6-color into a 7-color and the 8-color into a 9-color.

Diamondback S features pneumatically-driven print carriages, micro-registration, calibrated squeegee pressure adjustment, standard M&R three-point pallet leveling bracket with quick release, and rear stroke length adjustment. The touch-screen display is mounted on an arm that swivels between the load and unload stations. M&R’s exclusive patented Revolver Print Program™ automatically operates individual printheads in programmed sequence and allows multiple flashing without losing a printing position, giving printers a level of flexibility unavailable on other presses. Diamondback S also includes pneumatic frame clamps, pneumatic squeegee/floodbar clamps with tool-free angle adjustment, and pneumatic squeegee pressure regulators with pressure gauges. If you’ve been waiting for the right price on an entry-level automatic, your wait is over.