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With a 51 x 61 cm (20” x 24”) maximum frame size, a 35 x 28 cm (14” x 11”) maximum image area, and an extremely compact footprint, Diamondback L is a truly unique press. It’s perfect for manual shops with limited space looking to break into automatic printing. At the same time, its high-speed servo and 259 cm (8’ 6”) diameter makes it ideal for larger shops interested in an automatic press that requires little space—yet turns out tagless labels, pocket prints, and smaller-format images of exceptional quality. Diamondback L’s heavy-duty casters make it easy to move around the shop—or out of the way when it’s not in use. Capable of speeds in excess of 1000 cycles per hour, it’s the fastest automatic textile press in its category.

Diamondback L features a servo-driven indexer with exceptional speed, smoothness and control; pneumatically-driven print carriages; calibrated squeegee pressure adjustment; and three-point pallet leveling brackets with quick release. Also standard are a pivoting control panel with touch-screen display, tool-free pallet locator, tool-free quick-release pallet locks, micro-registration, calibrated and tool-free rear stroke-length adjustment, and M&R’s patented Revolver Print Program, which automatically operates individual printheads in programmed sequence and allows multiple flashing without losing a printing position.

Other features include central off-contact, multiple print stroke capability, multi-print in the up position, onboard self-diagnostics, and real-time production data. Diamondback L’s printheads include pneumatic squeegee/floodbar clamps with tool-free angle adjustment, pneumatic screen clamps, and pneumatic squeegee pressure regulators with pressure gauges. Diamondback L is compact enough to fit into almost any production area, and its high-speed production helps ensure a rapid return on investment. The ability of the press to turn out exceptional images lets it stand in for larger presses on tagless labels and smaller-format projects, and its mobility makes it the perfect addition to almost any shop.