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Abacus II combines M&R’s versatile numbering system with Chameleon quality, performance, and durability. This unique two-station numbering system features a 20-printhead Duo-Deck configuration, making it a breeze to print two-color numbers. Abacus II’s servo-driven indexing system, controlled by an advanced touch-screen user interface, allows perfect positioning of virtually any digit size or type. Unlike competing systems, there’s no question about which screen goes where in a master screen chase, nor about how to position an oversize screen containing multiple digits. Instead, users simply enter the dimensions of the digits to be printed and the desired gap between the digits. Abacus II does the rest, automatically positioning each pallet for correct digit placement during the print cycle. Even the narrower digit 1 is positioned automatically to center the number on the garment.

Abacus II features servo-driven indexing system and foot-pedal control, enabling it to offer greater productivity than competing presses. Abacus II also excels at standard multi-color printing. It can simultaneously accommodate screen frames up to 51 x 61 cm (20 x 24”) in all 20 printheads—or screen frames up to 58 x 79 cm (23” x 31”) in every other printhead. Abacus II features also include a machine-tooled and polished 7.62 cm (3”) center shaft, heavy-duty tapered roller bearings, extra-large knobs, micro-registration with dual off-contact adjustment, and tool-free spring tension adjustment.

 Abacus II’s optional Number Pre-Selection adds automatic screen indexing. Number Pre-Selection features servo-driven screen carousels that quickly and automatically move the next screen in the production sequence to the operator’s position. The result is reduced operator fatigue and substantially increased production speed. To complement Abacus II, M&R developed a specialized version of the Tri-Loc Registration System, which allows users to achieve precise registration quickly and easily. When equipped with flat pallets, Abacus II is compatible with many quartz and traditional shuttle-type infrared flash cure units. With revolutionary two-tier design, an exceptionally precise servo-driven indexing system, rugged construction, and optional automatic screen indexing system, Abacus II is the world’s finest numbering and manual production press.